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Economics and Journalism, BS

The combined major in economics and journalism integrates the analytical and critical thinking skills from economics with the versatile and dynamic world of journalism. Northeastern University is a top-50, Tier-1 research university that has both a world-renowned computer science faculty and an award-winning data journalism faculty.

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Combined with studying the principles, practices, and responsibilities of journalism, students develop analytical skills that are useful to understand today’s current economic events and debates. The skill sets students acquire allow them to better communicate information in areas such as public policy, business, law, and the media. The combined major highlights the important role journalism plays in shaping how economic issues are conveyed to the public.

Journalism Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe, analyze, and critique the role of Journalism in a democracy (1st Amendment).
  2. Gather and use data for reporting & analysis.
  3. Collaborate with other news professionals in writing & production of news.
  4. Report & produce a story across a range of media.
  5. Identify patterns in media innovation & the evolving business dynamics of Journalism.
  6. Write focused, organized, literate, and accurate narratives using AP Style; when appropriate.
  7. Critically analyze visual information.
  8. Understand and apply ethical standards of Journalism.

Career Opportunities

  • Journalist
  • Economist


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