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Journalism and Media and Screen Studies, BA

A BA in Journalism and Media and Screen Studies is designed for the student who is interested in pursuing a career as a journalist specializing in the film industry.

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A Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media and Screen Studies is designed for the student who is interested in pursuing a career as a journalist specializing in the film industry. Students can take a combined major in Media and Screen Studies and Journalism. Students take 9 courses from each major plus one bridge course. This major is intended for students who wish to focus on journalism as opposed to a general degree in media and screen studies.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe, analyze, and critique the role of Journalism in a democracy (1st Amendment).
  2. Gather and use data for reporting & analysis.
  3. Collaborate with other news professionals in writing & production of news.
  4. Report & produce a story across a range of media.
  5. Identify patterns in media innovation & the evolving business dynamics of Journalism.
  6. Write focused, organized, literate, and accurate narratives using AP Style; when appropriate.
  7. Critically analyze visual information.
  8. Understand and apply ethical standards of Journalism.

Our Media and Screen Studies curriculum designed to achieve six distinct learning objectives:

  1. Apply basic knowledge of fundamental techniques of video-based film production in a visual project
  2. Define terms, concepts, and theories that are fundamental to the study of media
  3. Apply analytical and critical thinking skills to media texts
  4. Apply the history of media studies to current issues of media with a particular focus on identity, industry, and democracy
  5. Plan, write, and present original research papers and presentations, incorporating an analytical understanding of concepts and ideas in Media and Screen Studies
  6. Apply theories of media and culture central to the field of Media and Screen Studies to a media text or issue

Co-op Opportunities

  • Boston Globe
  • BMF Media Group
  • National Geographic Learning
  • The Martha Stewart Show
  • NBC Universal Television
  • The Chew Productions
  • Viacom
  • Walt Disney World

Career Opportunities

  • account executive
  • broadcast journalist
  • creative director
  • information officer
  • market researcher
  • media planner
  • multimedia specialist
  • public relations specialist
  • social media manager
  • web content manager
  • writer
  • media producer

Multidisciplinary Skills

  • commercial and cultural awareness of media and creative industries
  • creative problem-solving skills
  • critical thinking, leadership skills
  • listening
  • performance and presentation skills
  • project management skills
  • verbal and written communication skills
  • ability to work under pressure


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