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Photography, BFA

The Photography BFA concentration encourages experimental and self-disciplined engagement with photographic processes. Students will learn how materials function, both as physical components of photographic work as well as signifiers of meaning.

Media Arts Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate awareness of the foundation and historical methods of digital media and applying research in portfolio development.
  • Analyze and critique artistic media effectively through both verbal and written communication, showing the ability to collaborate with peers and related disciplines.
  • Create a large body of portfolio work representing a wide range of concepts reflecting advanced level of analysis
  • Evaluate current and future trends in the development digital media by employing skills to disseminate and share information over the medium.
  • Explain and employ a unique personal style that shows significant contribution in the medium.

Career Opportunities

Commercial Photographer

Digital Asset Manager

Social Media Specialist

Gallery/Museum Professional

Multidisciplinary Skills

Visual Storytelling

Critical Thinking

Professional Studio Lighting

Visual Research

Digital Media Production

Photo Editing & Retouching

Creative Problem Solving

Public Presentation Skills

Awareness of professional multimedia standards and trends

Co-Op Opportunities

Institute of Contemporary Art Boston

Red Sox Creative Services

Commercial Photography Studios


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