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Offenhuber, Dietmar

2017. Waste is Information – Infrastructure Legibility and Governance. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.

Welkinship, Nathan Felde

A Practical Framework for Remote Reconnaissance for Design Intervention. –

Featured Speaker, Kristian Kloeckl

CAMD Professor Kristian Kloeckl Delivers Keynote Address at International Event Featured on The Future of Cities

Ann McDonald

Notational Systems for Experience: An Inquiry Database Across Disciplines

Voices of Contemporary Art Journal, Gloria Sutton

Editorial Program Committee member. –

Editorial Board, Gloria Sutton

Editorial Board member for the International Texts in Critical Media Aesthetics Series published by Bloomsbury Press. –

Media Origins, Celia Pearce

Co-editing MIT book series.

Teaching Video Game Design (and Feminism!) Through Larping, Celia Pearce

Conference presentation and peer review publication; co-authored with Lizzie Stark

IndieCade@10: A Decade of Innovation, Celia Pearce

Book on history of IndieCade independent game festival

Why Comics?: From Underground to Everywhere, Hillary Chute