Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) is composed of six student volunteers, one from each of the schools and departments that make up CAMD.

What the SAB does

The SAB was instituted in the fall of 2011 as a mechanism for the college to receive student feedback. Our members:

  • Advise the Dean regarding strengths and challenges within the college.
  • Provide feedback to the Dean regarding CAMD initiatives.
  • Serve as liaisons with other students and represent student perspectives.
  • Take an active role in soliciting input from other CAMD students.
  • Become an agent for creating a supportive culture in CAMD.
  • Identify agenda items for board meetings.
  • Generate an annual report for the Dean regarding strengths and challenges.

The SAB meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m., September through November and January through March. Dates may be adjusted to accommodate holidays. Students are eligible to become a member of the SAB after they are nominated through department chair and faculty recommendations as well as consenting to serve on the board in accordance with the duties and required meeting times.

2017-18 SAB Members

If you are interested in serving in a future year, contact your department chair or faculty mentor to request a nomination. Nominations are accepted in August for the upcoming academic year.


Alya Abourezk, BS Architecture

Art + Design

Tia Thomson, BFA Design

Communication Studies

Emma Gammons, BA Communication Studies


Tim Foley, BA Journalism


Michelle Houle, BS Music Industry


Cassie Moreno, BA Communication Studies/Theatre


For more information about the Student Advisory Board, contact:

Alison Ottaviano

Associate Director, Undergraduate Academic Advising

P: 617.373.4363