Studying in Boston

Big city opportunities, small town connections

CAMD is located in one of the world’s premier cities for arts, media, and design—and we’ve developed our academic programs and co-op experiences to take advantage of everything Boston has to offer. Northeastern’s campus is just steps (or a short T ride) away from the city’s cultural hubs, from world-class museums to centuries-old architecture to industry-leading newspapers. Plus, CAMD and the Center for the Arts invite artists and experts to campus, enabling students to better connect with leaders in their fields.

Boston is critical to our students’ success

CAMD students are immersed in Boston’s rich history, culture, intellect, and innovation, making the city a living laboratory for research and learning. See how Boston plays an integral role in each department across the college while providing a broad array of opportunities for students.


Architecture students explore Boston’s diverse neighborhoods, learning about the city’s oldest buildings, bridges, and structures—as well as its newest developments—while discussing how historical context and societal needs impact planning and design.

Art + Design

CAMD’s artists and designers don’t have to look far to find inspiration. They make a range of connections in Boston’s thriving art and design community. They gain real-world experiences through many university and industry partners in digital arts, design, and computer science, as well as local technology, financial, and healthcare organizations. And they visit their favorite work across the street at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) or Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum—or take part in programs at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA).

Communication Studies 

Communications Studies students engage with the region’s leading communications companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Experiential learning opportunities allow students to learn what it takes to make it in this fast-paced, multifaceted industry, as they leverage Boston’s strong media and marketing presence to find co-ops at local television studios, film and video production houses, advertising and marketing agencies, and more.


Boston is at the forefront of a revitalized journalism industry. With The Boston Globe and several other newspapers and media organizations in the city, CAMD students investigate and report important stories alongside prominent figures in the field.


Music students can walk to the world-famous Boston Symphony Orchestra, and that’s just the first note. Large concert halls and small music venues abound, as Boston draws musicians, singers, and songwriters from across the globe—and right to CAMD’s doorstep.


The Boston theatre scene is vibrant, with many local troupes vying for the same audience as visiting companies. There are numerous performing arts spaces around the city, giving students a tremendous opportunity to gain intensive theatrical experiences, on and off the stage.