The CS and Game Design program is focused on the specific skills and intellectual capabilities needed in the highly competitive game industry. As computer scientists, students will be engaged in building and developing games and playable media experiences. This requires courses in computer science with some specialized game technology and design courses. Thus, the degree includes a strong computer science foundation with program design, algorithms, theory, systems, and networks. In addition, game technology courses, such as game programming, building game engines and game AI are introduced so students can learn how to develop game-specific algorithms and systems. As part of this degree, students also engage in developing games with other students from different disciplines such as art and design, thus providing a rich environment for interdisciplinary dialogue and creative content development. These cross disciplinary courses are targeted at development of portfolio game pieces that allows students to be competitive in the game market as well as give them an opportunity to develop their creative and entrepreneurial abilities.

BS in Computer Science and Game Design Class of 2017 and on Degree (Specimen). Prospective students should contact the College of Computer and Information Science, current students seeking advise should contact CCIS advisors.

BS in Computer Science and Game Design 2011 Degree (Specimen). This degree has been replaced by the one above. However, Students who entered the program before 2012 should follow this specimen.