The Academic Advising and Cooperative Education (AACE) office, in 100 Meserve Hall, is a central place where undergraduate students in the Colleges of Arts, Media and Design (CAMD) can go with all academic questions.


Mission of CAMD Academic Advising

Provide a welcoming and student-centered environment in which we work collaboratively with students on cultivating their skills in making informed decisions, developing self-reliance and building confidence as they explore their creativity through opportunities afforded by CAMD.


Services and Programs in the Office of Academic Advising and Cooperative Education

Academic Advising and Cooperative Education (AACE), in 100 Meserve Hall, is a good first place to go for any kind of academic concern. We are committed to providing students with the assistance they need, whether it be through advising in our office or by making a referral to the appropriate university resource. Our goal is to help students navigate the university and to support them in attaining academic and cooperative education success. The specific academic support services and programs offered by AACE are briefly described below.

All College of Arts, Media and Design  students have:

  • a professional academic advisor
  • a faculty mentor, located in the student’s major department or program
  • a co-op coordinator (for students who participate in the co-op program)



Academic advising is an ongoing process that engages students in educational planning consistent with their academic strengths and personal and career goals. This process facilitates an active partnership among students, academic advisors, faculty mentors in the department and co-op coordinators.

CAMD Academic Advising seeks, through an open, welcoming environment, to help students become more engaged in their own lifelong learning and personal development. We build relationships with students by raising questions, sharing perspectives, suggesting resources and assisting with short-term and long-range academic plans. Our work supports students’ efforts to realize their aspirations for a rich, creative, fulfilling undergraduate education that is central to taking charge of their own existence.


Faculty Mentoring

Faculty mentors, located in the academic departments, mentor students in their chosen discipline and function as the students’ main connection with that discipline.


Co-op Coordinators

Co-op coordinators also located in 100 Meserve Hall, advise and mentor students during the preparation, activity, and reflection phases of the co-op cycle.


Student Persistence and Retention Program

The Student Persistence and Retention Program assists students in the College of Arts, Media and Design who are struggling academically and/or have been placed on academic probation or are returning from a medical leave.  A strong focus of this program are the regular meetings with our Academic Success Coach who assesses the student’s difficulty and creates an individualized plan to help guide the student to academic success.  Students in this program take advantage of intensive advising, tutoring, skills-building, and self- reflection as means of returning to good academic standing.

Faculty Mentors

Prof. Allen Feinstein
Head Faculty Mentor
Allen Feinstein’s Walk-in Office Hours


For exam period and Summer office hours please contact Prof. Feinstein for an appointment at


Starting in late August Prof. Feinstein will hold office hours three times per week most weeks.  Those times will be posted here.


Wed. 11/7 10:30-11:30

Thu. 11/8 2:00-3:00

Wed. 11/14 10:30-11:30

Thu. 11/15 1:30-2:30

Mon. 11/19 2:00-3:00

Mon. 11/26 2:00-3:00

Wed. 11/28 10:30-11:30

Thu. 11/29 2:00-3:00

Wed. 12/5 10:30-11:30

Thu. 12/6 1:30-2:30

Prof. Andrew Mall
Graduate Coordinator

Prof. Leon Janikian
Director, Music Industry

Prof. Ron Smith
Professor and Advisor, Music Technology

Prof. Deirdre Loughridge
Professor and Advisor, Music History and Analysis

Prof. Ron Smith
Professor and Advisor, Music Technology

Craig Bettinson
Director, Co-op for Music 

Prof. Susan Asai
Director, Ethnomusicology minor 

Prof. Deirdre Loughridge
Professor and Advisor, General Music minor

Prof. Allen Feinstein
Head Advisor, Music Department


Office Hours, SP 19

Mon.                                      11-12                    
Wed.                                      11-12
Thu.                                        3-4

Except on these days, when office hours will be:

Thu. 1/17:             11-12
Thu. 1/31:             no office hours
Thu. 2/7:               11-12
Thu. 3/14:             11-12
Thu. 4/11:             11-12

If these times aren’t convenient, please email me for an appointment.

Prof. Allen Feinstein
Advisor, Musical Theater minors


Mon. 1/7     12-1

Tue. 1/8       11-12

Wed. 1/9     11-12

Thu. 1/10    11-12

Prof. Brian Robison
Advisor, Performance minors

Prof. Ronald B. Smith
Advisor, Composition minors

If you have non-music questions, for example, questions about core classes or transfer credit issues, please contact:


Jocelyn Faber
Students with last name A-K


Greg Zuch
Students with last names L-Z

For questions outside the Music Department, contact the department in which the minor is offered.

Academic Advisors

Co-op Advisor