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Faculty: Ben Caras, [email protected]

ARTE 3901 Special Topics Assistive Technology
CRN 38036
Pre-requisite: ARTF 1124 3D Fundamentals or permission from instructor

ARTE 5901 Special Topics Assistive Technology
CRN 38037
Pre-requisite: senior or graduate standing.

Open to non-CAMD undergraduate and graduate students, pre-requisite waived with relevant experience.

Open elective for Bouve, Business, Engineering, Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering

Course Description
Digital Design, Fabrication, and Direct Manufacturing of Prosthetics

The contemporary state of prosthetics is incredibly sophisticated. The market is dominated by products made with state-of-the-art materials, processes, and production techniques. And in turn, the immense cost of these devices can be inaccessible to many people who cannot afford the health insurance to cover them. With the advent of High Strength 3D printing and other digitally driven direct manufacturing techniques, the ability to print on-demand durable parts has become a reality. This course is intended to expose students to new materials and techniques that, when implemented thoughtfully, can improve the lives of disabled people. Our aim is to identify specific physiological deficiencies and formulate solutions that can be easily and inexpensively produced. Through ideation, iteration, prototyping and finish models, students will produce artifacts that extend mobility. Students will be trained in the safe use of power equipment and digital fabrication equipment in the makerspace. Students will receive basic training in 3D design software and extensive training in digital fabrication equipment and techniques. Along with the design and building of artifacts, students will research and present topics related to: cutting edge prosthetic technology, material science, design and engineering within the scope of the subject.