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Four Northeastern students recently had the opportunity to experience what is like to work in the music industry firsthand with the Artist’s Management co-op. At four different entertainment companies, they performed real-world tasks ranging from managing artists’ schedules to marketing for the performers through social media platforms such as TikTok.  

Not only was the mix of undergrads and graduates able to learn more about the music industry through their co-ops, but the partnership was also invaluable for employers. “It is a pleasure to work with the students at Northeastern. Having access to the next generation of music business professionals gives us a unique opportunity to tap into their brilliant young minds, and gain a perspective we wouldn’t have had otherwise,” said Meredith Aleandri from MidCitizen Entertainment, Heim’s employer. 

Learn more about the students and their time during their co-op by clicking on their names.

Lynda Mitchell

Benjamin Heim

Ciara McKay

Steve Kurz