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Communication Studies and Graphic and Information Design, BA

Students interested in the combined major integrate the study of communication skills and processes with the design of message and meaning, integrating text, image, and data.

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The Department of Communication Studies and the Department of Art + Design offer a combined major in communication studies and graphic and information design. Students interested in the combined major integrate the study of communication skills and processes with the design of message and meaning, integrating text, image, and data.

Communication is a diverse discipline and every department is unique. At Northeastern, the Communication Studies curriculum was designed to achieve three distinct learning objectives:

1. Basic communication skills, including the ability to research a question, prepare and deliver a compelling speech, and think critically and write effectively.
2. An understanding of the communication discipline including an appreciation of the history of communication studies, familiarity with important theoretical principles, and the ability to apply this knowledge to contemporary problems.
3. A distinct area of emphasis that distinguishes their major. Some of the more popular areas include argumentation and advocacy, organizational or health communication, digital communication, and media production.

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Interests of Communication Studies and Graphic and Information Design, BA Students

  • advertising
  • audio
  • communication
  • digital
  • entertainment
  • graphics
  • information
  • intercultural
  • interpersonal
  • marketing
  • mass communication
  • organizational
  • political
  • production
  • public relations
  • social media
  • strategic communication
  • television
  • video
  • visual communication

Co-op Opportunities

  • Amazon
    Seattle, WA
  • Arnold Worldwide
    Boston, MA
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    Boston, MA
  • Constant Contact
    Waltham, MA
  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute
    Boston, MA
  • Donna Karan International
    Boston, MA
  • Eaton Vance Management
    Boston, MA
  • Institute of Contemporary Art
    Boston, MA
  • John Hancock
    Massachusetts, US
  • Johnson & Johnson
    Massachusetts, US
  • Liberty Mutual
    Boston, MA
  • Southwest Airlines
    Dallas, TX
  • Strong Women Strong Girls
    Boston, MA
  • TJMaxx and HomeGoods
    Framingham, MA
  • Wayfair
    Boston, MA
  • Zipcar
    Boston, MA
  • Harvard University
    Cambridge, MA
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Career Opportunities

  • Multidisciplinary Skills
    • ability to work under pressure
    • creative problem-solving skills
    • critical thinking
    • leadership skills
    • listening
    • performance and presentation skills
    • verbal and written communication skills
  • Careers of Tomorrow
    • account executive
    • brand manager
    • computer hardware engineer
    • computer programmer
    • creative director
    • database administrator
    • development officer
    • health educator
    • human resources professional
    • lawyer
    • media planner
    • meeting/event planner
    • personnel recruiter
    • public information officer
    • public relations specialist
    • sales representative
    • social media manager
    • software developer
    • web developer

Communication Studies and Graphic and Information Design, BA Requirements

Communication Electives

Graphic and Information Design Requirements

Introduction to Art and Design

Communication Studies Grade Requirement

No more than two grades below a C in communication studies courses may be used to fulfill degree requirements.

Communication Studies and Graphic and Information Design Major Credit Requirement

84 semester hours required in the major

Program Requirement

128 total semester hours required

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Resources for Current Students

Course Catalog

Visit the Registrar website for a course catalog and information on university core requirements.

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Program Coordinators:

Thomas Starr


Department Chair:

Dale Herbeck

Department Chair, Professor

Ed Andrews

Associate Professor


Nhora Delgado

Administrative Assistant

Zohreh Firouzabadian

Academic Manager

Angela Chin

Administrative Officer

Alexandra Kilgore

Administrative Officer

Academic Advisors:

Jocelyn Faber

Academic Advisor

Greg Zuch

Academic Advisor

Valerie Falasca, M.Ed

Academic Advisor

Helena Prezio

Assistant Director of Advising

Co-op Advisors:

Michelle Hagopian

Associate Co-op Coordinator

Kellianne Murphy

Senior Faculty Member

Bill Jackson

Co-op Faculty Coordinator

Jacqui Sweeney

Co-op Faculty Coordinator

Emily Hornsby

Assistant Co-op Coordinator

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