Centers, Labs and Initiatives

Center for Design

The Center for Design is where the design research agenda is collectively shaped and innovative solutions are collaboratively conceived and developed through joint research initiatives. 

Center for the Arts

Based in the College of Arts, Media and Design, Northeastern Center for the Arts’ mission is to make creative expression integral to the Northeastern experience. We are an inclusive, multi-disciplinary center that brings the diversity of arts to life at venues around...

Co-Lab for Data Impact

The Co-Lab for Data Impact is a new CAMD initiative dedicated to research and scholarship in data storytelling and visualization, information design, new media technology, and media innovation. Led by faculty from the School of Journalism and the Department of...

Northeastern University Visualization Consortium (NUVis)

NUVis is an interdisciplinary cross-university initiative funded through a collaboration between the College of Arts, Media and Design and the College of Computer and Information Science. It supports research efforts in visualization and connects faculty and students to foster a...

Experiential Technologies Lab

The lab’s usability environment and tools provide excellent resources for evaluation, testing and tuning of software, design and user experience, as well as the formation and application of new methods for practice-based theories of socio-technical systems. Faculty and students collaborate...

Interdisciplinary Research Lab

CAMD’s Interdisciplinary Research Lab is a multipurpose, flexible work space designed to support faculty and graduate research at the College. The Lab is home to the Dean’s Research Fellows, who are engaged in research and scholarship in the areas of...

Health Technology Lab

The Health Technology Lab, run by Associate Professor Amy Lu (Communication Studies and Health Sciences) focuses on the intersection of health behavior and digital technology. Research delves into the mechanisms through which digital media such as video games and apps...


Explore a wealth of information about new techniques and best practices in data storytelling and digital journalism. This unique website is created and maintained by Northeastern’s School of Journalism.

The Scope

The Scope explores the factors and issues that drive, explain, and contextualize urban inequalities. It is a product of the School of Journalism’s Media Innovation Program, which focuses on digital fluency in storytelling.  


Scout is Northeastern’s student-led design studio. It aims to foster the design community at Northeastern through client work, speaker series, and interactive workshops.