Dean’s Research Fellows

The Dean’s Research Fellows are faculty members across the College of Arts, Media and Design who are engaged in research, scholarship and creative activity in critical strategic areas for the College. Fellows are appointed for one-year terms and placed in interdisciplinary teams, where they develop and expand their research agendas and work toward securing external funding. Fellows engage with the CAMD community and the larger university environment through organized research events and informal discussions. They also serve as an informal advisory board to the Dean on research related initiatives at the College, and nominate and select prominent guests invited to campus as part of the Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series.

2018-2019 Dean’s Research Fellows and Projects


2018-2019 Dean’s Research Fellows: Critical Creative Practice→


2017-2018 Dean’s Research Fellows and Projects

2017-2018 Dean’s Research Fellows: Design for Human Experience→

2017-2018 Dean’s Research Fellows: Designing and Engaging Sustainable Cities and Communities→

2017-2018 Dean’s Research Fellows: Data Storytelling, Visualization and Communication→