New Renaissance Theatre Company

Founded by Tarik Jones and Ambrosia Nightingale, New Renaissance Theatre Company aims to diversify the theatre community at Northeastern by producing plays with a focus on representation, especially for students of color and minority group members. Their goal is to make theatre-making accessible to marginalized students in a collaborative and friendly environment, regardless of experience.

New Renaissance produces one main play each semester. Additionally, New Renaissance hosts events such as Workshops and Bonding events.

To learn more, check out our Facebook, Instagram, or email us at [email protected]!



President:  Jordan Korgood (they/he)

Jordan is a fourth-year Marine Biology major with a minor in Environmental studies. They have performed in dozens of community theater and high school productions. They enjoy fishing, sketch comedy, and improv in their free time.




Treasurer:  Z Weber (they/them)

Z Weber is a first-year majoring in Media and Screen Studies and Journalism, with a minor in Theatrical Design. They have been involved in theatre since they were 9, and have been doing tech for 5 years now. This is their second semester with New Ren, and first as treasurer, and they are excited to have the opportunity of being a part of the club.



Secretary:  Eshna Kulshreshtha (she/they)

Eshna Kulshreshtha is a first year Marine Biology major. Aside being in a few productions in elementary school, this is her first time really getting involved in anything theater-related. This is her first semester as Secretary and she’s looking forward to being a part of the NU theater community. Besides taking all the notes for New Ren, she also is in the NU Concert and Pep Bands.



Producer:  Indu Holdsworth (she/her)

Indu is an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major, with a minor in women’s gender and sexuality studies. She has been participating in tech since high school and has been a member of New Renaissance since 2021, but this is her first semester on the e-board. She likes animals, comic books, and feminism, but can most often be found doing homework, or working at the Northeastern Arboretum. She loves New Renaissance and is excited to work more with everyone this year.


General Manager:  Lou Conrad (they/he)

Lou is a fifth-year combined major in Theatre and Media Screen Studies. Their previous Northeastern credits include Three Sisters (Ferapont), Urinetown (Mr. McQueen) and working backstage in the scene shop and costume department. They also performed in their first professional show at the Apollinaire Theater in Chelsea, Hir, as Max. During the pandemic Lou participated in a few performances over zoom, but sort of disappeared from theater for a bit. They are overjoyed and grateful to be back and working with this group of amazing individuals in person.


Technical Director:  Wynn Graves (they/them)

Wynn is a third-year Theatre major with a Media Production minor from Moline, IL. They have previously worked on How to Survive a Pandemic (Shira Weiss and Kaitlyn Fiery) as a sound designer and board operator and As U Like It (NUTD) on set construction. They also work for various production companies in and around Boston as a carpenter and electrician.



Advocacy and Accessibility Coordinator:  V Royzen (she/they)

Veronica Royzen is a 1st year mechanical engineering major. She has been in theater most of their life, from performing in elementary and middle school, to managing the sound department in her tech crew in high school. She continued her love for theater at New Ren (Beheld) as sound design/board operator.