The College of Arts, Media and Design offers honors opportunities to students whose academic performance both aligns to the vision and mission of the college and shows an exceptional level of creativity and achievement. The CAMD Honors in the Discipline program requires that students complete a project in an area related to their academic program. Students who wish to pursue Honors in the Discipline must have a major within CAMD or a combined major that includes at least one CAMD program.


Honors Project

The Honors project may involve a research study, design, music composition, play, media production, or any focused work in a subject addressed within CAMD. The project, recorded on the student’s transcript as xxxx 4970–Junior/Senior Honors Project 1 (4 SH), will be supervised by a CAMD faculty member. A proposal must be approved by the supervising faculty member and department chair before the project begins.The Honors project must be beyond what any student needs to complete to satisfy the requirements for any other class that she or he takes in the college. In other words, a paper written for one class cannot be used again to satisfy the project requirement. At the conclusion of the project, students who wish to graduate with an Honors in the Discipline credential will present their work to the Dean, the supervising instructor, other students who have completed their College Honors projects during that term, and anyone else who wishes to attend this publicized college event. The presentation event is held on Reading Day in the Fall and Spring semesters. A student who successfully completes the Honors in the Discipline program will earn the Honors in [Major] credential on his or her official transcript. (For example, Honors in Music.)

Proposal & Application Process

Students are eligible for the CAMD Honors in the Discipline credential if they:

  Are juniors or seniors in the college with a GPA of 3.5 or better.

 –  Communication Studies majors must be a senior with a GPA in the top 15% of the graduating class.

–  Other departments may also stipulate a higher GPA and/or other requirements.

–  Have room in their schedule for a 4 SH course in the semester of the project.

–  Have completed a proposal approved by a supervising faculty member and the department chair (or simply a department chair in the case of combined majors). Note: Faculty must be full-time or tenure track. Adjunct faculty may not supervise an Honors in the Discipline project.

–  Complete the project as described and approved.

  Make a satisfactory public presentation of their project
with the dean, faculty supervisor, and other honors project students.

A student interested in CAMD Honors in the Discipline must meet with a professor to describe the nature of the project. The professor agrees in principle to work with and supervise the student pending receipt and approval of a written proposal. Be sure to consider the:

Project scope

Meeting schedule

Project milestones throughout the semester

Project deliverables

Use of a survey (Institutional Review Board approval must be sought prior to submission)

Students must prepare a one-page proposal that includes:

Description of the Honors project focus and end products

Name of the professor who has agreed to supervise the work

Timeline for completion

Signatures of the professor and department chair who endorse the project


Students must submit the completed CAMD College Honors Application to the Director of Academic Advising in CAMD no later than the second week of the semester of the project.


Assuming the student meets the eligibility requirements and has the endorsement of the professor/chair, the Associate Director of Academic Advising enrolls the student in the department’s 4 SH honors course. (e.g., MUSC4970 – Junior/Senior Honors Project 1)

A student can take up to two semesters to complete the project. If she or he chooses to work on the project for two semesters, then the student will be enrolled in the second semester of the Honors Project course.

While students are completing the project, they can access the services and supports of the University Honors Program, including access to special funding, even if they are not part of the University Honors Program. Completing this project does not imply a student has joined the University Honors Program.

Download the CAMD Honors in the Discipline Application.

2020 Honors in the Discipline Presentations