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New look for 163 Holmes – our old PC lab

Hundreds of journalism student fingers have danced across the keyboards of the Dell PCs in 163 Holmes over the years as they sharpened their journalism writing skills under the direction of past and present journalism faculty. No one would disagree that the room was dark and dingy and fat posts blocked student and faculty views. Last semester, 163 was completely renovated from ceiling to floor, adding four wide, flat-screen TVs, modular workstations, bright colors, and a technology overhaul. Renamed the Media Innovation Lab, the high-tech classroom will be open for business in the fall semester. Drop by and take a look. Below are a few pictures of the new lab.

Need a place to study, relax or charge your phone?

Check out the School of Journalism’s Student Lounge and Newsroom in Holmes Hall. The Newsroom, 157 Holmes Hall, is equipped with Macs with the latest software. The Student Lounge is in 138 Holmes Hall.

IMG_0037_2The Student Lounge, directly across from the newsroom, is a comfortable place to study, get caught up on the latest news or just relax before or after your class.

Both areas are great places to recharge phones and laptops. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.