Music at CAMD

Collaborative, cross-disciplinary, connected to the world

The Department of Music at CAMD inspires creative growth through intellectual discovery and innovation, transdisciplinary education and collaboration, and academic and experiential learning programs that prepare students for the music profession—and the world—they will encounter after graduation.


Breaking down silos to build integration

Musical performers, artistic collaborators, curators, managers, financial supporters, customers, audiences—music only comes to life when all these role players interact productively. That’s why Northeastern takes an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach from day one. There are no creative silos in the real world, so we don’t silo students in their program of study. Instead, our curriculum emphasizes the breadth and depth of the entire musical enterprise—from historical and ethnographic research to performance and composition. From recording and production to emerging media and cutting-edge technologies. From inter-arts collaboration to the full scope of engagement with the music industry. We work closely with students to find their path through this range of possibilities into the music profession.

Our dynamic faculty, composed of musicians, industry experts, and music practitioners, serve as mentors who are deeply invested in each student’s success in both our undergraduate and graduate programs.


Tailor your path to success

The Department of Music doesn’t just open one door to a future in music; it opens many all at once. We have three undergraduate concentrations—the B.A. in Music, the B.S. in Music Industry, and the B.S. in Music Technology—along with a wide range of combined majors and minors that empower students to forge their own academic experience. We also offer advanced degree and graduate certificate options. Plus, our joint performance certificate program with the New England Conservatory enables a select group of highly competitive student performers to gain performance experience and credentials from one of America’s top conservatories.


Learning through experience, engaging the world

Music students at CAMD learn as much outside the classroom as in. It starts right on campus, with opportunities to interact and collaborate with faculty, other students, and visiting artists and experts. It includes rehearsing and performing in a variety of large and small ensembles, plus a full range of individual music lessons. Studying in Boston means getting a chance both to attend and participate in programs at the city’s many music venues and theaters, including the world-renowned Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, and the Huntington Theater.

Co-op and Dialogue of Civilizations programs take students around the country and across the globe, where they gain valuable skills, real-world experiences, and vital industry connections. In addition, our faculty take a multifaceted, experience-focused, and research-oriented approach to every course.