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Photo by Jonah Prada

One of the unique aspects of the Master of Architecture program at CAMD, as well as the B.S. in Architecture degree, is the Berlin Program, a semester abroad that allows students to explore a city’s rich architecture while taking a full four-course load of architecture studio, lecture, seminar and German language courses. Berlin is truly an ideal laboratory for design because of its strong mix of historical architecture and progression of modern design. Large sections of the city were rebuilt following World War II, which has created a new canvas for architectural exploration.

Jonah Prada is one of CAMD’s Master of Architecture students taking advantage of these architectural exploration opportunities. He has spent his fall semester overseas learning both in the classroom and on the ground about Berlin’s rich history and contemporary architectural and urban issues.

“The Berlin semester is completely unique to any experience I’ve had previously through school and it has given me a new perspective on design and urban layouts,” explained Jonah.

Some of the highlights of Jonah’s trip this fall have included site visits and field trips throughout Berlin, which offer refreshing breaks from the studio and the opportunity to explore Berlin’s diverse neighborhoods and districts. The students also got to take a trip to the Vorarlberg region that borders Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. There, they visited current projects that exemplify the three countries’ focuses on innovative and sustainable designs.

For Jonah, “Visiting the Bauhaus in the city of Dessau was a personal highlight,” he explained. “The school was the father of the modern design movement and is a foundation topic studied by today’s design schools.”