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The Skin of Our Teeth. Photo by Brandon Farrell.

The Department of Theatre at Northeastern University is multifaceted and combines performance, design, story-telling, theory, history, and innovation into one package to produce a distinctive program – all while still focusing on the human connections and the human experiences that bring theatre to life. A new CAMD-made video series, Theatre Stories, showcases what it’s like to be a student in Northeastern’s Department of Theatre – from why students are fascinated by the field to which groups and organizations they are founding and joining to enhance their growth.

This video features Maren Flessen, who is pursuing a degree in Theatre with a minor in International Affairs at Northeastern University. Through this combination, she has been able to explore her various interests. As part of her undergraduate student experience, Maren is part of a student-run non-profit organization, The Reground Theatre Collective, as the Assistant Production Manager. This group brings together Theatre students from across Boston-based institutions to produce student-driven work. Check out her story below.

Learn more about the multidisciplinary curriculum that enables Department of Theatre students to explore other career paths and endeavors they may be interested in, all while developing a creative process and philosophy that are unique to the students themselves.