Theatre at CAMD

Shaping a new generation of theatre artists


Experience theatre from every angle

The Department of Theatre opens the curtain to a wide range of academic and professional experiences in the pursuit of innovative ways to see, investigate, and make theatre for a new generation. We offer eight productions annually, in styles ranging from musicals to Shakespeare to original devised plays. Our productions act as an extension of our curriculum, where students read, study, and analyze a play, and then apply their experiences as actors, directors, or designers.


Find the path that fits you

Our undergraduate programs—including a variety of combined majors and minors—enable students to create a personalized path that blends comprehensive theatre training and education with performance and professional development opportunities.

The study of theatre is inherently multi-disciplinary and boldly responsive to the moment in which we live. We aim to deliver a strong foundation of artistic knowledge and experiences with an innovative curriculum that explores theatre’s diverse techniques and dynamic career possibilities. All so students can tailor their studies to meet their ambitions while developing a creative process and philosophy that are uniquely their own.


Expanding the stage

Through co-op experiences, students gain an understanding of the living art of theatre while exploring future career paths—from performance and production to casting and management to marketing and fundraising. Theatre majors connect classroom and stage experiences with real-world knowledge in regional theatres and opera companies, in television and film, and in vibrant theatre cities around the globe.

In addition, our department offers many opportunities to advance new knowledge about theatre and performance in the 21st century through a bold approach to research that includes scholarship, teaching, publications, and theatre-making.


Welcome to a community of creatives

The Department of Theatre is an intimate team of caring people dedicated to creativity and excellence in the craft. We break down siloes to work together and connect as individuals. We value camaraderie, collaboration, and community—and our passionate faculty are invested in each student’s role along the way.