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Art History, Minor

An ideal complement to all Art + Design majors and combined majors, the Art History/Visual Studies minor provides the techniques of visual intelligence necessary to successfully navigate an increasingly image-driven world across all areas of art and design. Students work closely with internationally recognized faculty to interpret diverse visual artifacts and critical literature on relevant topics to analyze the ways global visual art and design is produced, circulated, accessed, and valued. Dynamic courses allow for sustained examination of a range of topics including the growing art market, popular media culture, the rise of digital computing and network culture. Distinguished faculty bring their own areas of specialization into the classroom, providing students real-world experience with contemporary artists, world-class museums and cultural opportunities in the greater metropolitan Boston area and beyond. Art History/Visual Studies minors have opportunities to conduct independent research, develop publishable texts, and gain experience in critical and curatorial practice.


Regularly Offered ARTH Courses

ARTH 1001. Visual Intelligence.

ARTH 2219. Interactive Media and Society. (ARTH2219)

ARTH 2311. The Science of Art, the Art of Science. (to be renumbered) (ARTH2311)

ARTH 2200. Topics in Design History.

ARTH 2210. Modern Art and Design History.

ARTH 2211. Contemporary Art and Design History.

ARTH 2212. Survey of the Still and Moving Image.

ARTH 2215. History of Graphic Design.

ARTH 2312 Design and Propaganda.

ARTH 2313. Global Networks in Early Modern Art and Visual Culture.

ARTH 3000. Topics in Visual Studies.

ARTH 3211. Performance Art.

ARTH 4000. Topics in Visual Studies

ARTH 5100. Contemporary Art Theory and Criticism.

ARTH 5600. Landscape and Ecology in Visual Culture.

ARTH 6211 Advanced Performance Art




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