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Creativity in Theory and Practice, Minor

The Creativity in Theory and Practice minor offers students the opportunity to get inside the mindset of creativity from a variety of angles, and develop perspectives that foster persistently creative habits of mind and practice — as one of the most important ways of thinking valued for innovative work across all fields and disciplines.

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The Creativity in Theory and Practice minor is built around three carefully crafted core courses that introduce design thinking and expression, the ethics of creative practice, and the science of creativity. Students will have the opportunity to put those theories and concepts into practice with a broad selection of “making” electives across a variety of disciplines.

This minor is intended to enhance all disciplines across the university, from art, design, and communication, to business,  engineering and computer science and more.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe creative processes in multiple disciplines and in specific terms
  2. Evaluate experimentation, failure, and revision in the creative process
  3. Develop engaged skills and effective strategies for navigating uncertainty in creative practice
  4. Develop understanding of methodological approaches to practice-based research
  5. Compare and contrast studies in creative cognition
  6. Analyze the strength and weakness of an experiment in creative cognition



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