Finish Line: The Untold Stories of the Boston Marathon

By Joey Frangieh and Lisa Rafferty
Directed by Scott Edmiston
September 24 – 25
Ryder Theatre Lab

This original docudrama, created by alumnus Joey Frangieh AMD’12 from interviews with people at the 2013 bombing, depicts the power of human endurance in the wake of unspeakable violence. This workshop performance invites the Northeastern community to participate in the play’s development prior to its 2017 production at Boston’s Shubert Theatre. No audition required. Casting is open to all interested theatre majors and minors.



Dead Man’s Cell Phone

By Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Jonathan Carr
October 20 – 29
Studio Theatre

How much of your life is lived through your phone? When a stranger’s cell phone won’t stop ringing, Jean answers it and falls down the rabbit hole of his peculiar private life. Enjoy a comic look at love, morality, and the need to connect in a technologically obsessed world. “A beguiling new comedy that blends…the bizarre and the bizarrely moving.” – New York Times


Trapped in darkness

Vinegar Tom

By Caryl Churchill
Directed by Janet Bobcean
November 10 – 20
Studio Theatre

In 17th century England, two women are accused of being witches by a man they have sexually rejected. In a world dominated by irrational beliefs, how do they prove their innocence? A chilling examination of the demonization of women with power, the fear of female sexuality, and why we are compelled to persecute those we see as different. “Provocative theatre as well as a conscience baring social document.” – New York Times

Surrealistic woman with cage

Women of Anarchy: The Nora/Julie Project

Experience radical revisions of modern classics that dramatize two women’s paths to freedom.

After Miss Julie

Adapted from August Strindberg’s Miss Julie by Patrick Marber
Directed by A. Nora Long
February 8 – 12
Studio Theatre

An electrifying new adaptation transports the 19th century story of class, power, and seduction between Miss Julie and her servant Jean to the changing social structures of Great Britain in the 1940s.


Adapted from Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House by Ingmar Bergman
Directed by Antonio Ocampo-Guzman
February 15 – 19
Ryder Theatre Lab

A stark, new vision of the groundbreaking play about one woman’s attempt to assert her own identity — and the shocking revelation that changes her destiny.

Male hands in the form of heart

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

By William Shakespeare
Directed by David Demke
March 23 – April 2
Studio Theatre

Take an unforgettable journey to the most fantastical of forests filled with star-crossed lovers, malicious fairies, a hilarious band of amateur actors, and a donkey bottom in the Bard’s dizzying love potion of a comedy. On the eve of a royal wedding, four enchanted tales of midsummer madness are poetically woven together, proving once again what fools these mortals be.

Broadway Star

Fall Student Showcases

September 15: Special Location – Centennial Common
September 29
October 13
October 27
November 17
December 1
Ryder Theatre Lab
Silver Masque sponsors late night performances showcasing student writers and performers.

8 to 8
October 1
After Hours
Guerilla theatre festival of new work – written, learned, and performed all in one day.

One-Act Play
November 1 – 5
Ryder Theatre Lab
World premiere of a new, student-written one-act.

Director’s Playground: Dancing with Ghosts
December 3, 7PM
Ryder Theatre Lab
Directing students present an evening of 10 minute plays.

Phaedra’s Love
December 8, 4:30 PM
Ryder 372
First-year students present excerpts from Sarah Kane’s savage retelling of the ancient myth.

Musical Theatre Cabaret: Heart and Music
December 9, 7:30 pm
Ryder Theatre Lab
Musical theatre students light up the night with a revue of fall semester performances.