Art + Design at CAMD

Experiences that inspire. Discoveries that transform.

The Department of Art + Design at CAMD empowers students to bring their vision to fruition. Our hands-on, interdisciplinary approach, coupled with a truly unique and exciting learning environment, primes students for success in any corner of the professional landscape of visual artistry and integrated design.


Design your path

In every act of creation, we prize the ability to combine form with function. Your education is no exception.

Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs—along with a variety of combined majors and minors —enable students to create a unique path that blends comprehensive visual arts training and education with professional development opportunities that run the gamut from graphic, experience, interaction, information, and game design to photography, animation, video, and interactive media art. Wherever your interests lie, we can help turn your passions into your dream job.


Breaking out of the bubble

The Department of Art + Design lives on the cutting edge of education in the visual arts and integrated design, synthesizing the rigor of studio learning with active participation within the professional field.

The result is a finely tuned set of skills and an abiding understanding of both the industry and language of visual communication, as well as the nuance and discipline required for self-discovery and actualization through creative engagement—plus the far-reaching impacts that process can have on the world at large.

Through co-op and Dialogue of Civilizations programs, students gain insight into the inner workings of professional artists, designers, and studios all over the globe. From creating new worlds at game design studios in Los Angeles to developing ad campaigns for European markets in Budapest, our students aren’t just learning about the ways art can shape culture, thought, and society—they’re out there making it happen. All while gaining tangible experience that will serve as cornerstones for long and successful careers.


A cohort of creators

Our department is an intimate team of caring people, dedicated to creativity and excellence in the craft. We break down silos to work together and connect as individuals, welcoming students into a community of active practitioners, forward thinkers, and leaders within the field. We value camaraderie, collaboration, and community—and our passionate faculty invests in the development and success of each student along the way.


Explore the world during a semester abroad

SACI (Studio Art Centers International) was founded in 1975, creating a complete program in Florence, Tuscany, for students seeking excellence in studio art and liberal arts instruction at the United States university level. SACI is affiliated with Northeastern, which means that academic credits earned while overseas are transferable to Northeastern. The SACI experience provides a great opportunity for students to experience the Italian culture while pursuing a degree.