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Each week, a CAMD student, faculty, staff member, or alum curates a playlist around the theme of their choice. Enjoy more CAMD Playlists and learn how to submit your own on the CAMD website.

Chicken Wraps by Will Bryan

Will Bryan is the current CAMD Digital Communications Co-op and represents not one, not two, but three(!) CAMD departments as a Journalism and Media and Screen Studies dual major and a Photography minor. You can check out some of his recent work on his website. FYI, he’ll be the person who receives new playlist ideas for the next six months, so send him some new music!

The Internet is flooded with songs and sounds from the record industry’s biggest players and Billboard’s most popular songs. This playlist is (mostly) made up of songs that didn’t come from a massive label and you won’t find on a Billboard Top 100 list. It can sometimes be hard to find independent rappers on Spotify (like Chance the Rapper), but when I find something I like, I add it to this playlist.

∆ Enjoy with a cold drink in hand and the sun in your eyes ∆