Architecture at CAMD

Disciplinary expertise meets global engagement

The School of Architecture at CAMD focuses on developing strong disciplinary expertise in the pursuit of effective global engagement. Our professionally accredited program educates students to become leaders in the field who turn their rigorous training into real-world solutions.


Engaging the whole environment

Studying architecture and landscape architecture is about more than learning how to build buildings and open space. It’s about designing broad systems for the world we live in. It’s about the complex challenges we face in society, culture, commerce, and the built environment. It’s about urban density and sustainability, energy performance and economic disparities, climate change and changing technologies. At Northeastern there is no singular type of Architect, we see architecture as an inclusive field, where people can focus their practice in diverse ways.

The School of Architecture takes a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to these challenges. Our undergraduate and graduate degrees offer a flexible curriculum so students can design their own course of study as they gain the deep knowledge and fundamental skills—drawing, space, form, the language of architecture—to solve problems, transform society, and succeed upon graduation.


Experiential learning around every corner

Architecture is not isolated. It is integrated within complex systems—societal, environmental, financial, technological—and we aim to reshape those systems through design. That’s why our academic programs deliver experiential learning from day one. Here, a student’s education extends from the classroom to real-world experiences in Boston and beyond, including co-op, research, our Global Studies Program, and Dialogue of Civilizations.

Plus, we reach across Northeastern to form interdisciplinary partnerships with programs ranging from art to engineering, public policy to marine sciences, history to business.


A professional focus

The School of Architecture is a professionally accredited school that puts students on an accelerated path to licensure. If your goal is to become a licensed architect through our BS in Architecture and Master’s programs, the process begins in your first semester.

Our practical approach enables you to get a Master’s degree in just five years of study, plus gain valuable work experience and industry connections through an additional year of co-op. All to put you in the best position professionally once you earn your accredited degree.


A focus on you

Our dedicated faculty and staff excel in practice, teaching, scholarship, and research —and they’re focused on your success whether you want to become a licensed architect, pursue a degree in Architectural Studies or Landscape Architecture, explore a combined major, or add an architecture minor to your major at another department or college.